Mum mums

Not sure who is more excited the introduction of mum mums.

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Elle’s two bottom teeth popped through in January (6 mos). We’ve seen the gums around her top two teeth changing for the last couple of weeks. Then today the top left emerged. These teeth have caused a lot of trouble for her at bedtime. Poor girl. I’m sad to know that her toothless gummy grin will soon be gone.

Brock had his first visit to the dentist in November. Since then he’s been very responsible and cooperative about brushing his teeth. Not only responsible and cooperative but also very observant. The other day while looking in the mirror, he said “these two teeth are not connected”, noticing the gap between two of his teeth. Silly kid.

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14 things I love about my honey

14 things I love about my honey

1. Even though I’m half asleep (with drool running down my chin, I’m sure), he kisses me goodbye every morning when he leaves for work.
2. He never seems annoyed at the number of times I call, text or email through out his work day.
3. He makes our kids’ bedtime routine so smooth; we are quite a team!
4. He’s a planner.
5. He likes to dream up future vacations just as much as I do.
6. His eyes and lips.
7. The way he looks in a hat.
8. His laugh.
9. His longlasting friendships with his Montesano crew.
10. That he supports me wanting to stay home with the kids at this time in our life.
11. The way he loves being at home watching movies at night.
12. His sense of humor.
13.The way he’s always made me felt so well taken care of.
14. That he chose me to be his wife and mother of his children.

I love you Jason, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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14 things I love about Elle

1. Her entrance into the world was a glimpse of how life would be like with her: smooth, easy, going by too quickly.

2. She’s happy all the time.

3. The excitement in her eyes when she sees Brock and / or Jason.

4. Her rolls. ’nuff said.

5. The way she splashes in the bathtub. Water baby.

6. Her determination. Though she’s not crawling yet, she gets where she wants.

7. She seems to be handling even the toughest times very well. Found out today that she has an ear infection. Wouldn’t have known if Dr. Sliman didn’t check on her during Brock’s appointment today.

8. She’s a “front back girl”. I can tote that girl everywhere in the ergo.

9. Her size. 22 lbs at only 7 months. Get it girl!

10. Many times she tugs on my hair but at other times, she gently holds just a few strands and rubs it between her fingers, almost as a way to self soothe.

11. She makes me excited to do girly things with her in the future. Manis, pedis, shopping? And if she’s not into any of that, that’s okay too.

12. Similarly to #11, excited to see Jason walk her down the aisle one day. He told me before she was born that he had hoped we would have a girl so he could walk her down the aisle.

13. Her gummy smile and those 2 adorable teeth that peek through that smile.

14. Because of her, I get to say that I have a daughter. Blessed.

Happy first Valentines Day to you, baby girl.

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14 things I love about Brock

1. He is creative and artistic. Our home is currently littered with papers covered in foam heart stickers. He refers to these as his “collections”.

2. He is so verbal and has an amazing vocabulary.

3. His eyes.

4.  His love for books.

5. The way he stands on the edge of his bed and asks for a hug before bed.

6. As he falls asleep, he rests seahorse on his neck.

7. His “nakey runs” before and after bathtime.

8. His laugh.

9. The ways he talks to Elle, “how was your nap Elle?”, “Are you tired baby?”, in his softest voice.

10. When he says his ABCs, he says “B” for “V”. It’s too cute to correct.

11. He says “hanitizer” for hand sanitizer.

12. He’s a mommy’s boy.

13. His helpfulness. Whenever I go to feed Rosie, he asks if he can do it.

14. He’s my first born, something special, unexplainable. I am blessed.

Happy Valentines Day Brocky.

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7 months!

7 months!

Elle is just a couple days shy of being 7 months old! She continues to be the best baby. Ever.

About 2 weeks ago, around 6.5 months, Elle began sitting up on her own. How fun to watch her view the world around her while sitting upright. She is ALMOST crawling. Around 6 months, she began getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. She’s been crawling backwards for about a month and rolling around for a couple of months.

Elle has taken to solid foods like a champ. We first introduced avocado at 5.5 months and since then, she’s had: sweet potato, squash, banana, green beans, carrots, apples, pears, peaches and of course oatmeal cereal. She has liked everything except pears.

We took our first “girls trip” the end of January. We flew to Cabo with my mom and stayed with her for four nights. Elle flew great, slept well while we were there and continued to catch the attention from everyone around her, “What a happy baby!” is what I think everyone said.

Elle is wiggly and curious. She’s not one to sit still. Thinking back though, she never stopped moving in my tummy. Jason and I have both said that we think we will actually have to baby proof once she is completely mobile. She’s already trying to pull at the knobs on her dresser and trying to figure out how to open the cabinets in the living room.

Sleep is going okay. She still wakes once or twice in the middle of the night but it’s not really bothering me. She goes back to sleep so easily and it’s not like I have to get up early to go to work. One of these days, I’ll work with her to drop those wakings.

Daddy, Brocky, Rosie and I are crazy about you Elle. We love you and are so glad you’re ours.

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Happy 2014

I’m not one to usually set New year’s resolutions but I do have a few goals in mind that I’d like to document. My hope is that this time next year, I can reflect and celebrate that I have met these goals or at least worked towards them.

1. Be Healthy, Be Strong. I’m not going to say that I hope to lose 20 pounds or go to the gym 5 days a week. Instead I’d like to do whatever I can to make healthy choices and work out so that I can feel strong. A little bit of me wants to say I will be doing head and handstands in yoga by this time next year but with my back, I’m not 100% sure I can commit to that. We’ll see…

2. Be in the word daily. 2013 was a year of dramatic spiritual growth for me. I was baptized, joined a DNA group and began leading our children’s ministry at church. Yes, a lot of growth but I still have a ways to go and what God is telling me is to spend time with him daily.

3. Stress and worry less. I want to stress less about the things that really don’t matter…when Elle doesn’t nap as long as she usually does…when my house is not spotless when someone is coming over…’nuf said.

4. Save more money. Jason and I recently attended a financial workshop and I left motivated to save more money. One thing we did right away was to take Brock out of Bright Horizons and enroll him in the local YMCA preschool. This will save us a lot of money each month, we are already in the right direction!

5. Blog more. I started this blog to document things about our family, especially Brock and Elle since I don’t have baby books for them. My goal is to blog at least once a week.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014, cheers!  

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